Every design, in the end, is based on existing techniques, components, elements and products. The combination, like the notes in a musical composition, shape the unique quality of a design. In composing our architecture projects, we at Fokkema & Partners often feel that we miss a certain product or component in the standard libraries to fulfill our design ambition. Over the past years we often designed these as specials ourselves.

FOKLAb was established to facilitate the design of a series of new products that can contribute to, and make a difference in our designs. The development of a truly new, top performance component often takes place outside the scope of an architectural design project. At FOKLAb we have a love for products that require a high level of craftsmanship. Products that are equally unique like our designs. The designs don’t necessarily have to be prepared for mass production, they can also be one off custom made product or an installation. Over the past years we worked on fabrics, furniture, lighting solutions, tiles and with establishing FOKLAb we have empowered ourselves to design many more successful products and product ranges in the years to come.

Simplicity is complexity resolved. Nordic identity and materials. Unseen seating comfort.

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