Room without a roof

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design week Salone del Mobile
collaboration with CooLoo

Palazzo Francesco Turati, Milano

From September 5 to 10, 2021, FOKLAb showed the zero waste installation ‘Room without a roof’ during the Salone del Mobile in Milano on the rooftop of the Masterly – The Dutch in Milano.

The spatial and material experience ‘room without a roof’ questions the resources necessary to create moments of wonder. To define space on the rooftop of Palazzo Francesco Turati, the dynamics of textiles were fixed to freeze the moment and guide sightlines with vistas that encourage spatial and material interactions.

Entering a creative collaboration with CooLoo and the design collective that was assembled for the CooLoo Circular Canopy in Milano, gave way to research high quality ecological coating solutions to merge circular goals with observations on the way we work post-covid.

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